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Vivienne Armentrout has been active in local issues and politics since arriving in Ann Arbor (1986). She served as a Washtenaw County Commissioner from 1997-2004. She wrote articles for the Ann Arbor Observer between 2005 and 2009 and launched Local in Ann Arbor in 2009.

Vivienne has worked for much of her stay in Ann Arbor as an editor and copy editor and has published a book (Gleason’s Plants of Michigan). Her academic training was in plant pathology and botany and she also has a number of publications in the field of fungal physiology.

Thanks to Sabra Briere for the original photograph of downtown as seen from West Park (2008).

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How to use the blog as a research tool:

Certain topics have been followed in depth and in long series.  These are collected on Pages.  Pages often include general reference information in addition to lists of blog posts on the subject.

Most blog posts fall under one or more Categories.  By choosing a Category, you may access a long list of related articles.

The search box functions as expected.  If you type in a particular term, articles that contain that word may be found.

Most posts published on this blog are fully documented where possible with hyperlinks to other sites or pdf documents.  I rarely try to update web citations and some of these become inoperable over time.  The documents are retained indefinitely.

Comments are welcomed.  Here are the blog rules.

1. Most comments will be published immediately, without prior review.

2. WordPress sends suspect comments into a spam folder and occasionally holds some comments for moderation.  I usually check those once a day.

3. Though you are asked for your email address in filling out comments, it will never be published and I will not send you any messages unless necessary.

4. Filling in a URL in the comment page will mean that people can go to your website, but this is optional – just leave it out if you don’t want to be linked to.

5. I don’t accept truly anonymous comments but a pseudonym may be used for your screen name as long as I know the actual source.  Personally, I’d rather see you stand behind your opinions with your real name.

6. I will delete your comment only if it is abusive, seriously off-topic, or otherwise totally unacceptable.  I won’t publish personal attacks against me or anyone else, and if the comment contains obvious falsehoods I’ll address that in a reply.  What is totally unacceptable?  It follows Justice Stewart’s rule. (Offensive language falls under the “abusive” label, again using the J.S. rule.)  But differences of opinion and especially corrections of fact are welcomed.  I do edit comments occasionally for spelling and other typographical defects.

7. COMMENTS UPDATED: While I welcome a vigorous discussion, there is a limit in length and repetition of points that goes beyond being useful.  I have recently been forced to close comments on one post because of long argumentative essays being posted as comments.  In future, I will moderate such comments, with an open explanation of what has been done.  I’d also prefer that you do not post photos or videos in comments, though links are fine (if they lead to acceptable material).


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