Local in Ann Arbor Politics (II)

Back in February (which seems like more than a year ago) I wrote a post called Local in Ann Arbor Politics in which I declared, among other things, that I would not be running “for any office” in 2010.  Now I have filed as a candidate for the Library Board for the November 2010 ballot.  I’ll be writing more about that at some other time, but I’ll just say that I was nearly as surprised as anyone else that I took that step.

Now that a really strange primary race is over, I’m also going to retract my promise not to comment on local races to any extent.  I have a draft post on the meaning of this and other elections, which I hope I can finish before the next one.

Meanwhile, there are many issues I am following.  I hope to spend less time in the vegetable garden and more time blogging.  After I get those half-sours canned.  We’ll be in touch.

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