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The media reassortments keep on coming.  The latest news over the transom was the announcement that Ann Arbor Business Review is ceasing publication and will be replaced by a new “business channel” on  According to the story, “Ann Arbor Business Review executives said the weekly business-to-business news journal remained a strong editorial product despite a business climate that made the ongoing printing of a weekly product unsustainable”.  I have indeed found this publication to be a good source of business-oriented news, often more timely and more insightful than coverage by the old Ann Arbor News.  Apparently my paper copies will stop coming in August too.

There are now a steady parade of announcements across the top of the page, with new staff members and affiliations.  One not there but which I welcome is the addition of Jennifer Haines of a2eatwrite as the food blogger.  What I’m also not seeing is the offer I received by email yesterday.  I’m now signed up to receive

  • Daily digital newsletter
  • Weekly Deals and more
  • Daily Obituaries Update.
  • (These are three different feeds, and I can unsubscribe any time.)

The announcement said I was receiving the offer because of a prior relationship with the Ann Arbor News, MLive or Ann Arbor Business Review.  I’d guess that they will be offered to the general public once is up and running.

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  1. David Cahill Says:

    I got the same e-mail notice yesterday. I subscribe to the AA News, so I assume every subscriber with an e-mail address the News (or has is getting the same notice.

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