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My article, Meet the Locavores, was published in the Ann Arbor Observer in the January, 2008 issue.  It reflected interviews and data gathered through the summer and fall of 2007.  The article described a newly burgeoning movement in Ann Arbor, the local food movement.  (The term “locavore” had a brief moment in the sun, but is not heard much any more.)

Since then, the movement has become more of an established way of life for many, and it has many facets.  We have published occasional blog posts on aspects of the effort.

The Local Food Scene (I) May, 2009

The Local Food Scene (II) August, 2009

Local Food III February, 2010

New Local Food Page March 14, 2012

Local Food and Good Eating in a Season of Plenty November 21, 2012

Local Food and Good Eating in a Season of Plenty II   November 24, 2012

Local Food and Good Eating in a Season of Plenty III  November 24, 2012

There is now a solid core of devoted activists and actual producers who are working steadily to increase the availability of food grown locally. They convene annually at the Local Food Summit and many are now collaborating on an exciting venture, the Washtenaw Food Hub. There are many amazing stories about how individuals and business people have stepped forward in a collaborative way to change our view of how and what we eat, and make fresh local food available in the Ann Arbor and Southeast Michigan areas.

One good place to read a number of those stories are Kim Bayer’s contributions to  Here are just a couple of gems:

Food Hubs are Coming to Michigan December 20, 2011

An Updated Ann Arbor area CSA guide for 2012 March 5, 2012

Watch for her articles online – they are always worthwhile and often inspiring.

Note: Many of Kim’s articles are listed on her blog page, The Farmer’s Marketer.  Some of her older blog posts have great recipes!

We’ll continue to fill in this page with additional sources.

2 Comments on “The Local Food Page”

  1. kim Says:

    Thank you Vivienne – you’re very kind. I always enjoy what you write about food, and your thoughtful approach generally. I am also very appreciative of your many acts of generosity . Especially teaching me to make sauerkraut! You won’t believe the enormous antique krauthobel and stomper my mom gave me for Christmas last year. You were instrumental in the reasons for that gift.:)

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