I Can’t Help But Note…

Now that the August 2012 primary for Ann Arbor City Council is in the past, I’ll be picking up the – cudgel? microphone? not quite the pen – again to comment on Ann Arbor local issues.

There are a couple of posts on my campaign blog that might be worth visiting, since they updated posts I’ve made here.

Budgets, Taxes, and Other Fun Topics has some important updates on the city income tax issue.  It also presages somewhat the sudden move by CM Christopher Taylor to place a millage on the ballot that would support public art.

About that Conference Center on the Library Lot revisits the long thread we had on a previous round of discussion of the Library Lot’s fate.

One of the things I did as a council candidate was to use a campaign blog as a vehicle, rather than a conventional campaign website.  This was a test of the essential questions, Should a Blogger be a Candidate? and Should a Candidate be a Blogger?  The answer to both is probably a qualified “no”. I’ll leave that as a thought problem for you.

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One Comment on “I Can’t Help But Note…”

  1. Eric Lipson Says:

    Vivienne, thank you for running. Even though you didn’t win, you raised many important issues in your campaign. Educating the public about government is an important element of a campaign. You succeeded in that, and did us all a service. If elections are not competitive–if only one person is running–there is not nearly the amount of public airing of positions and issues. Thanks, again.

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