Ann Arbor’s Hot Summer

Yes, there is snow in Liberty Plaza, but based on early indicators, this is going to be a very hot summer in Ann Arbor indeed.

But the “heat” is not limited to our own local experience of global warming. It is also in the several transformational activities going on at the local government level.

Here is a short list of the issues we’ll be keeping an eye on over the summer.

1. Fuller Road Station

2. The DDA’s downtown planning to determine the fate of city-owned parcels

3. The AATA’s move away from a city transit (mostly buses) system to a regional system that includes passenger trains.

Now that the budget marathon is over, these look like the hottest, though not the only, big issues that may show major movement by the end of the summer.

UPDATE: Check out the revised Transportation Page.  More history and links.

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2 Comments on “Ann Arbor’s Hot Summer”

  1. David Cahill Says:

    I heard at the Ann Arbor City Democratic Party meeting on Saturday that the tentative financing plan for the county-wide transportation system is for a property tax of 1 mill for the county. The present AATA tax of 2 mills would not be eliminated. Instead, AA City residents would pay 1 mill + 2 mills = 3 mills.

    The person I talked to was seriously concerned at the idea that AA residents would pay about half as much for this transportation plan as they pay for the City’s general fund – around 6 mills.

  2. varmentrout Says:

    I hope to do a full blog on this subject (AATA countywide) before long. But yes, that is what has been long discussed – 1 mill countywide, added to the 2 mills within the city.

    Some other types of financing have been discussed but seem rather unlikely, such as a sales tax (would require a state law change).

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