We Must Stop Meeting Like This (Library Lot)

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What passes for drama among those interested in following the Ann Arbor Library Lot issue came and went with the postponement of the March 3 RFP Advisory Committee meeting.  It has been postponed until March 8, in case you didn’t get the notice.  If you did get the notice, you are among a privileged few, since it was not posted on the RFP website.   Here is the official notice, duly posted with the City Clerk’s office but not transmitted further.

The group of Ann Arbor citizens, Public Land – Public Process (see statement of purpose)  has been working for over a year to address the Library Lot issue.  A group statement was prepared and we (yes, I’m one) requested the favor of making a public statement through one of the committee members, but it was not approved.  Thus, the statement was published on our group blog.

Tom Wieder is a prominent attorney who has been involved in Ann Arbor politics and issues for approximately 30 years.  He has long opposed a conference center and recently joined the PLPP group.  He has put together a hard-hitting review of the city’s consultant, The Roxbury Group, and the recent process.  His statement (prepared for the March 3 meeting but also refused a hearing) is now published on the group blog.  It contains some thought-provoking information.

UPDATE: The City of Ann Arbor sent out a reminder of the meeting change today, March 7.

SECOND UPDATE: The Ann Arbor Chronicle published a very complete account of the RFP Advisory Committee meeting. The committee voted to send the letter on to Council, and a Working Session is scheduled for 7:00 on March 14, where Council can ask questions (but others cannot speak).

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2 Comments on “We Must Stop Meeting Like This (Library Lot)”

  1. Leslie Morris Says:

    Tom has been working on local political campaigns and on local issues for well over thirty years. In the very early 70’s I worked with him on second ward city council Democratic campaigns. (That was an earlier student-dominated second ward,in the days of the short-lived Human Rights Party.) Tom was a student at the time. In all those years I have known him as a hard worker, meticulously careful in his statements. I am pleased to see him as a new member of the Public Land Public Process group.

    • varmentrout Says:

      Thanks for filling in his history, Leslie. I’ve known of his activities since I moved here (less than 30 years ago) and was just taking a stab at the earlier history.

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