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The news about the News came out a few weeks ago – the Ann Arbor News is folding, to be reborn as an entirely new entity,  As stunning as this was, it is not so unusual around the country.  The New York Times recently said that in many communities where local papers are failing, online “hyperlocal” sites are springing up to help fill the gap.  They collect links from local blogs and other online material.  Of the ones mentioned, the only one covering Ann Arbor is apparently Outside In.   Of course, we are fortunate to have an online news venue that includes original reporting,  the Ann Arbor Chronicle.  Outside In’s blog gave the Chronicle top ranking as early as last October (though we know the Chronicle is not a blog).

We’ll be listing all the blogs and news outlets that seem to us to bring real news and insight about Ann Arbor in our blogroll.  If you want to nominate one that isn’t listed, please do.  Note that Current’s electronic version seems to have lost its hosting for the time being, though it is still listed on ArborWiki.

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